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Mirror Trading System

Trading behaviour has a lot to do with human psychology. To save you the money and disappointment, we’ve listed the common mistakes that most beginners (and even experienced traders) commit.

How It Works

Having an MTS will work similar to having a live and funded account with MetisEtrade, except there is no need to execute your own trades. All trades will be copied from a real trader using the “SIGNALS”. All you need to do is subscribe to a signal that suits your strategy and goals, and you are all set!

How to subscribe to a signal?

  1. Open and fund a real trading account on MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5.
  2. Open an account on
  3. Go to your trading platform and click Tools > Options > Community tab. Log in using your account.
  4. Once logged in, click on Signals on the Terminal box. Select a suitable signal in the trading terminal and subscribe to it.
  5. Go to Tools > Options > Signals tab, and check: “Agree to the terms of use signal service” and “Enable real time signal subscription”.

How to Subscribe to a Signal Video Tutorial

Trading Signals

MetaTrader chooses signals that are performing well and are suited for different trading strategies. Below is the list of top signals updated regularly so you can choose from the best.

View more signals


MTS Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there other ways we can find a signal?

    Yes. You can go to the MQL5 website to find more signals. You have to be logged in using your Community password to subscribe.

    You can also use the Search box in your MetaTrader platform. Then click on Signals in the Search tab.

  • What are the default settings of my subscription?

    When subscribing, you will find these preset parameters: the current day is the start date and the duration is set to one (1) month. There’s no option for auto renewal, so you have to manually renew if you wish to extend your subscription.

  • Can I unsubscribe from a signal any time?

    You can unsubscribe from a signal any time by going to your MetaTrader platform. First, click on the “Signals” tab in the Terminal window. Right click anywhere on the box, then choose “My Subscription”. Double click your signal subscription, and then click “Unsubscribe”. Upon doing so, trades will no longer be copied from that signal; however, all open positions will remain open unless you close them yourself.

  • Do I still have some control over the trades being done?

    You can close any open trades that were automatically copied any time you wish. You can also trade in your MTS account, however, both actions are not recommended as it will tamper with your margins and the trades of your signal provider. It is better to consult your broker before doing any intervention.

  • Can I allot only a portion of our investment in the signal?
    Yes, you can. In fact, you can only allocate up to 95% of your funds for mirror trading. To set the amount you only want to trade using MTS: in your trading platform, go to Tools > Options > Signals tab. Indicate in the field “Use no more than” the percentage of funds you only want to invest.
  • What are the other parameters I can set?

    You can set the following parameters as well:

    • Stop Loss and Take Profit levels of the signal
    • Synchronize positions without confirmations
    • Equity levels that will trigger an auto stop on your subscription
    • Deviation or slippage allowed in spreads. This is the allowable difference between the actual traded price and the client terminal price.
  • Can I subscribe to more than one signal?

    Yes, however, you can only subscribe to one signal per account. If you want to subscribe to more than one signal, you would have to use another account.

  • Can I subscribe my MetaTrader 4 account to a MetaTrader5 signal (and vice versa)?

    You cannot follow a signal from a different trading platform. If your account is in MetaTrader 4, you can only follow MetaTrader 4 signals and vice versa.

  • What are the other restrictions in using MTS?

    Live accounts can only follow live account signals. Also, your terminal should be logged in and connected to the internet 24 hours a day/5 days a week to make sure that all trades are copied.

How To Setup Your MTS

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