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Investment Protection Program

Anxious about losing money? Trading with protection is real with MetisEtrade’s Investment Protection Program. Avail it for free and worry less about trades!

MetisEtrade Investment Protection Program (MIPP) is a smart way to safeguard your investment from potential losses. When you avail of this benefit, you can insure your investment from 10% to as much as 80%. In case you lose it, MetisEtrade will pay you back.*


  • Your deposit is USD 1,000
  • You protect 70% of your deposit (USD 700)
  • MetisEtrade pays you back your protected USD 700 when your balance falls below the protected amount and you traded 87 lots

To compute for your own Investment Protection Plan:

  1. Type the deposit amount

  2. Indicate or move the gauge for your desired protection rate


    Protected Amount

  3. Leverage

  4. Required Lot

Read MIPP Terms and Conditions

*MIPP Terms and Conditions apply.