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Deposit Instructions

We make it easy for our clients to open an account with us. Once client has completed the Live Account Application, we will send the deposit instructions based on his location.

Print Bank Account Details

Once deposit has been made, send a clear copy of your deposit slip via email at Kindly indicate your name on the deposit slip.

We accept the following secure payment systems:

For credit card deposits, please login first to make transactions in the client portal.

To download our deposit instructions (PDF), please click here.

Important notes:

  1. The name on your account with MetisEtrade must be identical with the name on the account from your funding source - no third party deposit.
  2. Cash deposits including money orders, managers' checks and other cash equivalents can only be deposited to a bank account of MetisEtrade. MetisEtrade will not accept any cash deposits at the office.
  3. Credit card transactions are processed within one (1) banking day. Please wait for your deposit to be reflected on your account.
  4. International wire fee will shoulder under client account however, International wire fee will be reimburse after 180days from client's first trade.