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Trading Solutions

We supplement our core offerings with multi-dimensional trading solutions that are designed to deliver additional value to our clients. Our tools streamline the trading process for our clients, giving them alternate options to facilitate their trades.

Virtual Private Server

Our virtual private server (VPS) expands the trading capabilities of our clients by allowing them to remain online at all times. With the VPS, traders can keep an automated trading platform running 24/7, as well as have constant access to the financial markets, giving them the chance to take advantage of market movements even when they're not physically present in front of a terminal.

Mirror Trading

Many of our clients are busy individuals who don't time to manage their own accounts. As such, we've created the Mirror Trading System (MTS) to give busy clients the opportunity to participate in the financial markets in automated setup. In an MTS setup, clients can copy the trades of experienced traders via signals, which will then be executed on their own accounts.

Expert Advisors

Clients can choose to subscribe to Expert Advisors as it automatically performs the analytical and trading processes done in a trading platform, making it a convenient choice for busy traders. The EA's that we developed are back tested to meet certain levels of profitability. Apart from easy integration, we give room for customization to accommodate client's trading style.