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Research and Analysis

Our research and analysis division has always been one of the main pillars of our company. MetisEtrade is an organization built and grown by industry experts, and our strength remains in our knowledge of the financial markets. We are not content with mere theories as we believe that these intangible concepts do not provide enough concrete value for our clients. We believe in leveraging our expertise into the kind of information that our clients can actually use in their market interactions. We want to provide them knowledge that actually matters.

We differentiate ourselves from other brokers due to our strong focus on research and analysis. By sifting through facts and numbers in search of relevant and timely data, we are able to provide clients valuable insights into current market trends and key industry topic. Not only are we able to provide a very precise representation of what’s currently happening in the markets, we also have the ability to accurately identify indicators and predict emerging market trends.

We are backed by a strong Research Development team that provides original, actionable insights for clients in the currency, precious metals and global indices markets. We publish reports that cover short term and long term outlook, allowing traders to position themselves well and take advantage of sudden or anticipated movements in the market. By combining fundamentals and technicals, our team of research analysts and currency strategists are able to analyze a wide range of markets and economies, as well as formulate sound recommendations.

Our Reports Include:

Daily and Weekly Market Analysis

We offer regular market analysis that provide recaps on market movements, as well as future market outlook and our trading recommendations for the day.

Special Reports

We create special reports that provide detailed analysis for events that have significant impact on the financial markets. In addition, we provide quarterly reports that cover recaps, market outlook and trading recommendations for the stated period.