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Becoming a Trader

Do you want to become an effective trader? While there are no shortcuts to becoming successful in this field, there are tried and tested habits that all good traders use to maximize their profits. Here are a few tips you should follow if you want to upgrade your trading skills and strategies.

1. Read the news!

Study the market and check what political and economic factors are the most anticipated from each country. Learn their importance and potential effects that these market movers have on investments in the country.

2. Look at the charts!

Identify trends in different currencies. Study which currencies move parallel or opposite to each other. Try to detect the important levels for each currency and what movements you can take advantage of given a country’s fundamentals.

3. Start trading!

We offer demo accounts that you can use free of charge. Get a good feel of how FOREX trading actually works using real market values and situations. Use these tools to hone your strategies and master the market!