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People and Culture

MetisEtrade brings together people from different backgrounds and gives them the opportunity to explore the boundless opportunities in the biggest financial market. This diversity is essential to sustaining a dynamic culture. By recognizing each individual’s unique approach, we are able to produce solutions that seek the best possible results.

We thrive in an organizational culture that is rooted on leadership, collaboration and excellence—components that we believe make a vibrant organization.


Everyone at MetisEtrade understands the role they play in the bigger picture. This is why we empower employees to be the best in their craft and inculcate in them a deep passion for what they do. Here, being proactive and having a sense of ownership are highly valued assets.


Our organization is made up of several sections that work as a single unit towards a desired outcome. In achieving our goals, we subscribe to the idea that synergy has a greater effect than the sum of all individual efforts.


At the core of what we do is our desire to exceed preset standards. Complacency is not an option. This is why we push ourselves to deliver exceptional service and think out-of-the-box in order to create a lasting impact.