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Mission and Vision


To be the global financial services leader that is guided by an ethical and principled approach to business.


To give individuals and institution the opportunity to maximize their investments by enabling seamless access to the world's financial markets.

Our Values

We strive to deliver more than what is expected from us. We are dedicated to providing our
clients with the best trading service together with superior financial market education.

Our Clients

We want our clients to have the best trading experience.

At MetisEtrade, we always put our clients' interest ahead of our own. We offer the most cost-efficient way of trading in the global market with our tight spreads and zero commission policy.

We expect our people to service clients as if their own resources were at stake. We continuously find solutions to speed up deposit and withdrawal processing so that transactions can be made on the same day.


We have an advocacy of making educated investors, young or old.

Our company thrives in a culture of mentorship. Our subject matter experts are hands-on with the training and development of our people, ensuring that they provide proper education and professional care to the investing public.


We aim to develop our business to a global standard.

Our goal is to offer our clients the best possible trading solutions. We strive to develop value-added products and services for a faster and more reliable trading experience. With technology affecting every aspect of the global economy, it is imperative for a financial services company like ours to keep abreast with market trends and technological developments.


We uphold absolute integrity and transparency in our operations.

We recognize our moral and legal obligations to protect our clients' investments. In doing so, we practice strict segregation of funds; this means that MetisEtrade cannot touch its clients' deposits for any other purpose other than as collateral on clients' trades. In addition, a yearly audit is prepared for the SEC to be made available to the investing public.

As for the operations side of the business, a close eye is kept on the monitoring and control of any possible operational risks.