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    Your Gateway to Forex Trading

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Why Our Clients Choose Us

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    First to offer Philippine Peso denominated accounts

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    Locally available
    customer support

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    Zero commission trading with
    tight bid/ask spreads

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    Fast and convenient

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    Seamless execution of orders with the best trading platforms

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    Reliable market education
    & training

High Risk Investment Warning

Foreign exchange trading is a risky investment, therefore every client is expected to understand the inherent risks of trading and at the same time their own risk tolerance before deciding to enter the market. Please note that MetisEtrade employees are forbidden from introducing any client, potential or otherwise, to third party fund managers. In the case of clients who choose to allow a third party to manage their fund, they are advised to review the merits of their chosen fund manager, through careful consideration of their historical performance and strategies in order to make an informed decision. MetisEtrade will not be held liable for any issues clients may have with their third party managed accounts as the agreement is purely between the client and the third party. In addition, MetisEtrade advises its clients that past performance is not indicative of future performance. For any questions, concerns or feedback, please contact customer service at 799-93-57/58.

Download our full Risk Disclosure Statement here

Registration Highlights

MetisEtrade, Inc. is registered and supervised by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas as a Foreign Exchange Dealer (FXD) with Certificate No. FX-2012-004784 and by Securities and Exchange Commission as a foreign currency and precious metal broker dealer.